Fox Knows Many, Hedgehog One, Solid Trick    
Archilochus, Greek Poet, 7th Century BCE

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“Christia Madacsi Hoffman’s INTENT captures the air of years through the discovery of everyday intentions. Things we say in passing resonate true – the yes to an opportunity, and the regret for things we didn’t know we craved. We’ve all left it there before,/ next to the mouldering can/ of should and could-haves. This is balanced with the wonder of contemplation and the frenzy of a life well-lived. Praise Madacsi for these powerful words, these thieves of time, which question what pulls, pushes, and keeps us grounded.” – Cynthia Manick, poet and author of Blue Hallelujahs

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Christia Madacsi Hoffman grew up along the banks of the Mystic River in Mystic, Connecticut. A longtime Austin, Texas resident, Hoffman’s work has appeared in the Texas Observer and the annual anthology of the Austin International Poetry Festival.


* “Secondhand Heroes is a superhero story for young readers that is so good that adults will enjoy it as well… 

Secondhand Heroes BU Cover Hansen

Front Cover Vol 2 SHH in the trenchesSHH vol 3 cover










SECONDHAND HEROESa trilogy by Justin LaRocca Hansen

Book Selection, The Cut —New York Magazine

“First-Rate.” —Kirkus Reviews

…It’s inventive and engaging… Written and illustrated with watercolors by Justin LaRocca Hansen, the graphic novel [series] is a clever story of two boys that feels a little like an American Harry Potter adventure, if Harry lived in the suburbs… The dialogue is solid, the story is much better than it sounds, and it has a great twist ending. Can’t ask for much more than that.” —Mike Sangiacomo, Cleveland’s Plain Dealer

“Smart characterization (including a memorable walk-on by a talking squirrel that sounds like a surfer bro), breathlessly paced adventure, and a dire cliff-hanger ending will make readers hope they don’t have to wait long for the sequel.” —Publishers Weekly

“Hansen works a nifty story out of his clever concept, with genuine humor, realistic characterizations, emotionally intense stakes, and agile battle sequences. The lifelike faces and figural work, as well as the warm, earthy tones of the art, help keep things tied together even when the tale takes a sharp time-traveling left turn into a fantasy world where the boys meet a tough-as-nails dragon who becomes their trainer. Age-appropriate lessons are indeed learned, and the urgent cliff-hanger promises that there are more charmingly sincere adventures ahead.” Booklist

It Ain't So Awful Falafel

“Filled with humorous touches and authentic cultural references, Dumas’s story will resonate not just with young immigrants but with any readers trying to adapt to new situations.” Publishers Weekly

“Insightful, sobering, and hilarious.” People magazine

“Keeps readers engaged with the very real and relatable difficulties of finding friends after moving, dealing with family issues both domestic and abroad, and discovering one’s own identity in middle school.” School Library Journal

Top 10 Young Adult and Children’s Books —Time magazine

KidsPost Book Club Selection —Washington Post

IT AIN’T SO AWFUL, FALAFEL received starred reviews from both Booklist and Kirkus Reviews, and is also endorsed by Horn Book, Scholastic Teacher magazine and the acclaimed authors Khaled Hosseini, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Luis Alberto Urrea. 

After the FireDaniel Robinson’s debut novel AFTER THE FIRE

“Robinson’s writing engages us with a kind of terrible beauty.”Bloomsbury Review

“Some of the best stuff ever written about [fire] crews.”
—Brian Ballou, Wildland Firefighter, former Rogue River Hot Shot

“A poignant story about ‘the pull of the past,’ affectingly warm and compassionate.” Publishers Weekly

Before becoming a novelist, Daniel Robinson spent fourteen years fighting over one hundred wildfires in eleven Western states and two Canadian provinces. During two of those fourteen years, he was the supervisor of the Pike Hot Shots crew. He lives and writes in Fort Collins, Colorado.



Death of a Century thumbnail

Daniel Robinson’s novel DEATH OF A CENTURY A Novel of the Lost Generation

“Robinson does a fine job of bringing Hemingway’s Paris to life.”Publishers Weekly

“… An entertaining gallop of a story, by a writer both innovative and spellbinding.”  —Kristen Iversen, author of Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats.

“A suspense-thriller that poignantly reveals the enduring impact of the First World War on the individual soldier, … [this] tale explodes the myth of peaceful homecoming and explores the loyalty, violence, and desperation that emerges between men during war. A fine addition to those who want to gain a sense of the ‘lost generation,’ and those lost souls who have come home from our latest wars.” —Lt. Col. Michael Stoneham, U.S. Military Academy at West Point


Chicken Stock front cover final

“Over a century ago, Upton Sinclair wrote about the horror of the American meat-packing industry in The Jungle, a novel that ultimately led to the creation of the Pure Food and Drug Act. While Lytle may be attempting similar social change with CHICKEN STOCK, this book is far gentler and more human in the story it tells. Berta, her family, and friends are drawn as warm, believable Tennesseans. The novel explores the resilience of the American character as much as it presents arguments against the corporate exploitation of American farms and farmers. In Chicken Stock readers will find a compelling and sympathetic hero, a strong argument for sustainable, natural farming, and a Tennessee novelist worth watching…” —Michael Ray Taylor, for Humanities Tennessee’s publication Chapter 16

CHICKEN STOCK remains a searing testament to love and loss, as well as an intelligent indictment of big agro-business… A compelling, sensitive contribution to the agriculture debate in the U.S.”Kirkus Reviews


Norwegian by Night Cover

Derek B. Miller’s debut novel NORWEGIAN BY NIGHT “A soulful, humane, and sparklingly funny novel. Spend some time with Sheldon and company in the Scandinavian wilderness and you just might make peace with your god, your ghosts, and yourself.” — Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story

A Financial Times Best Book of the Year; An Economist Top Fiction Title of the Year; A Guardian Best Crime & Thriller of the Year; A Kirkus Reviews Best Crime Novel of the Year; Crime Writers Association John Creasey Dagger Award Winner

FutureFlash-2Kita Murdock’s FUTURE FLASH received 5 out of 5 Bookworms from 12-year-old Erik on his Book Review Blog for kids“…The balance of tension and foreshadowing will entice reluctant readers.”School Library Journal





SECRET OF THE SEEDS by Kate Muus “A timely conspiracy thriller, this novel has a slow start but picks up quickly… The characters are well developed, and teens will easily become invested in them.”  —School Library Journal



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