Fox Knows Many, Hedgehog One, Solid Trick    
Archilochus, Greek Poet, 7th Century BCE

Warner Literary Group



+ Leslie Lytle, CHICKEN STOCK, A novel that is “… a searing testament to love and loss, as well as an intelligent indictment of big agro-business… A compelling, sensitive contribution to the agriculture debate in the U.S.” —Kirkus Reviews

+ Daniel Robinson, DEATH OF A CENTURY A Novel of The Lost Generation, set in Hemingway’s 1920s Paris, Arcade Publishing. “An entertaining gallop of a story, by a writer both innovative and spellbinding.”  -Kristen Iversen, author of Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats.

+ Daniel Robinson, AFTER THE FIRE, a debut novel of life after a devastating wildfire,  “… A poignant story about the pull of the past, affectingly warm and compassionate.” –Publishers Weekly  

+ Derek B. Miller, NORWEGIAN BY NIGHT, debut literary international crime, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. A Best Book of the Year The Economist     [Multiple Foreign Editions]


Middle Grade (MG) and Young Adult (YA) Fiction and Illustrated Children’s

+ Justin LaRocca Hansen, SECONDHAND HEROES, a graphic novel trilogy, from Dial Press (Penguin Random House) BROTHERS UNITE (vol 1)and IN THE TRENCHES (vol 2),   Author’s site

+ Firoozeh Dumas, IT AIN’T SO AWFUL, FALAFEL, “Insightful, sobering, and hilarious.” —People magazine

+ Kita Helmetag Murdock, FUTURE FLASH, middle grade novel, Sky Pony Press. “Readers will appreciate Murdock’s attention to detail in this plot-driven novel of suspense, and will want to stick with Laney as she strives to use her power for good and protect Lyle both from the imminent future and the school bully, Axel. … The balance of tension and foreshadowing will entice reluctant readers.” –School Library Journal  Author’s site

+ Kate Muus, SECRET OF THE SEEDS, “A timely conspiracy thriller… The characters are well developed, and teens will easily become invested in them… The plot is so unique.” —School Library Journal

+ Justin LaRocca Hansen, MONSTER HUNTER, children’s picture book, Sky Pony Press. Monster Hunter

+ Sarah Warner, ALMA FALLS AWAKE, children’s picture book illustrated by Julia Lunk