Fox Knows Many, Hedgehog One, Solid Trick    
Archilochus, Greek Poet, 7th Century BCE

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Of Note

*SECONDHAND HEROES vol. 2 IN THE TRENCHES releases February 7, 2017: “The tale careens toward a cliff-hanger ending. . . . Visuals nimbly capture the fight sequences and cast the emotional moments in an appropriately warm glow or raging heat, all in soft lines and a muted palette that help this series’ aesthetic stand out in a crowded field.” –Booklist

“With a diverse cast, a uniquely crafted world, and an interesting examination of both superhero tropes and the meaning of good and evil, this sophomore effort is not only a lot of fun, but also thought-provoking… The heroes may be secondhand, but the story is quickly becoming first-rate.” –Kirkus Reviews 

Justin’s IN THE TRENCHES cover painting before the title and text were placed:














* Kate Muus, author of SECRET OF THE SEEDS:  Recent praise for her YA thriller novel from School Library Journal: “A timely conspiracy thriller… The characters are well developed, and teens will easily become invested in them…”

* Karla M. Jay, author of SPEAKING IN TUNGS, “In Jay’s debut novel, a speech therapist moves to the small town of Tungston, Pennsylvania—locally known as ‘Tungs’—and finds colorful characters and a little mystery… Marleigh’s patients come across as three-dimensional people, and the details of her speech therapy work are fascinating.” —Kirkus Reviews 

* Daniel Robinson’s début novel AFTER THE FIRE released in paperback and as an ebook by Skyhorse Press.

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