Fox Knows Many, Hedgehog One, Solid Trick    
Archilochus, Greek Poet, 7th Century BCE

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Introducing the imprint Hedgehog & Fox… Fiction with compelling female protagonists.




In this entertaining first novel, set in rural Pennsylvania, a young San Francisco woman searches for her birthparents and from the moment she arrives in the backwoods town of Tungston, she falls under the spell of unforgettable characters, the unexpected-but-real threat of a violent fugitive, and the unexpected-but-real charm of a local fireman—all leading her to discover the true meaning of family.  




The funny and thrilling sequel of SPEAKING IN TUNGS is now available as well, SPEAK OF THE DEVIL. Marleigh Benning thinks she’s mastered being a home speech therapist in the most remote region of Pennsylvania… and that the steep learning curve is behind her. But in Speak of the Devil further surprises await around the next bend, as her six unpredictable clients throw her for another loop; her relationship with local fireman, Lawyer, heats up to alarm-level arson; and she discovers why her birthparents went underground. The biggest danger Marleigh faces as she traverses the rolling, verdant terrain, going house by house to improve speech and articulation, is her inadvertent entanglement in a clandestine heroin operation.


Chicken Stock front cover final

This brilliant novel delivers to us rural America’s struggle against corporate agriculture through the eyes of one woman—a wife and young mother—catapulted unwillingly to the front lines by her husband’s dying words: “Promise me, Berta, promise me you’ll keep the farm going.” Locked in a David and Goliath conflict with powers well beyond her control, a fatherless child to provide for, and their own survival dependent upon the fragile lives of thousands of baby chicks, Berta must find a path forward where her son can know and love the farm the way his father had.




There is a secret in the farmhouse—but it won’t stay there for long. SECRET OF THE SEEDS follows Ceres, a 17-year-old girl forced to live with her aunt and uncle for the summer. An expected death leads to an unexpected heirloom: seeds that turn her and the farmhand, Bry, into fugitives, running from a company that would do anything to destroy the knowledge of their existence.




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