Fox Knows Many, Hedgehog One, Solid Trick    
Archilochus, Greek Poet, 7th Century BCE

Warner Literary Group

Who We Are

Sarah Warner lived in France, Holland, Romania, and Switzerland before writing and studying at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. Her editing career began at The Spectator published by her High School (not to be confused with the illustrious UK publication of the same name) in the upstate New York town, Fredonia (not to be confused with the fictitious country of the same name that appeared in the Marx Brothers’ movie, Duck Soup). After graduation, she landed her first job at St. Martin’s Press in the Flat Irons Building in Manhattan. After working at the McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, she went west and worked under the umbrella of HarperSanFrancisco/Harpercollins at Westview Press in the Levi Plaza. As senior acquisitions editor, Ms. Warner continued working at Westview Press (and on the Icon Editions with Cass Canfield Jr.) under the Perseus Books Group ownership. Many of her authors’ work can now be found under the Basic Books imprint. She enjoyed working with her nonfiction authors, including Jack Flam, Barbara Rossing, Tikva Frymer-Kensky, David Novak, Deborah Haynes, Leland Roth, Ori Soltes, Laurie Schneider Adams, Marilyn Stokstad, Jaegwon Kim, Keith Lehrer, Alan Code, Rosemarie Tong, David Mayernik, Sally Wriggins, and Cynthia Freeland. While working in-house Sarah acquired, edited, and managed over 100 books on art, philosophy, and religion. Through the Warner Literary Group, she continues to help her writers grow and develop a literary legacy. Instead of nonfiction, she is now mainly working with novelists, as well as television and screen writers, and artists.