Warner Literary Group

Who We Are

“Frankly speaking I would not be where I am in my career without Sarah Warner. Not only is it just fun to work with WLG and bounce ideas back and forth, but they work relentlessly to get results. In 2011 Sarah sold my first picture book to Sky Pony Press and also worked hard over a long period of time to secure the sale of my graphic novel trilogy to Dial Press, Penguin Random House. I am exactly where I wanted to be with my work and it is thanks to Sarah and WLG.” Justin LaRocca Hansen, author & illustrator of MONSTER HUNTER and the forthcoming graphic novel trilogy from Penguin Random House, Dial Press, SECONDHAND HEROES

“I left one of the most famous and prestigious agencies to work with Sarah Warner. Her dedication, enthusiasm and range of contacts are unmatched. I feel very fortunate to have [had] an agent who is [was] truly my advocate in the ever-changing publishing world.” Firoozeh Dumas, New York Times Best-selling author of FUNNY IN FARSI and IT AIN’T SO AWFUL, FALAFEL

“Within a year of signing with Warner Literary Group, I had a contract for a new novel as well as a contract for the re-printing of an earlier novel. Sarah worked tirelessly to procure these contracts, and working with her has been a pleasure. Sarah has freed me to concentrate on what I can do – write – with the confidence that my publishing and business matters will be taken care of in a timely and professional manner. I couldn’t be more pleased with her representation.” Daniel Robinson, author of AFTER THE FIRE, and DEATH OF A CENTURY

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Warner Literary Group. They have been supportive through every step of the process – from early edits to finding a great publisher to helping with the book promotion process. I love working with an agent who is as kind and intelligent as Sarah Warner. All in all, I have been delighted with WLG.” Kita Murdock, author of FUTURE FLASH

“Warner Literary Group was a perfect partner for me. It is not only the shelves and publishers that are crowded today, it is also the literary agencies. By working with a smaller firm, I received needed editorial, copyediting, and strategic assistance that, more often than not, is pushed back down to authors these days. But it was not only in-house support I received. I harbored some concerns that Warner Literary Group, being based outside of New York, would be less able to penetrate the citadels of the big houses. This concern was quickly dismissed. The agency demonstrated an absolute ability to open channels of communication with the very houses we wanted to talk to. Warner Literary Group handled all the business and communications with grace.” Derek B. Miller, author of NORWEGIAN BY NIGHT